Page Macrae

Page Macrae

Eaton advanced electrohydraulic system powers diesel hydraulic grabs

Eaton is the exclusive supplier for the upgraded hydraulic and control systems on Page Macrae’s Diesel Hydraulic Series grabs.


With the help of Eaton® products, grabbing 20 tonnes of material is almost effortless work for the new Diesel Hydraulic Series grabs made by Page Macrae Engineering of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand—Australasia’s leading manufacturer of ship cargo handling equipment and engineering services provider in numerous industries.

Operated via remote control by a ship’s crane operator, the grabs discharge bulk material from a ship’s hold with the aid of an Eaton F(x) electrohydraulic system featuring an Eaton EFX controller, Vickers® CMX mobile control valve, Vickers PVH piston pump, Vickers screw-in cartridge valves, Aeroquip® hose and fittings, and Eaton filtration products.


Page Macrae implemented a program that would result in a major upgrade of its diesel hydraulic grabs range. With a focus on greatly improving the reliability of the grab-control system, Page Macrae contacted Eaton and Advanced Hose and Fittings, a local Eaton distributor in Mount Maunganui, for recommendations.

Page Macrae pointed out that the hydraulic system needed to be powerful enough to move more than 200 tonnes of material an hour—and more. The system needed to aid in the machine’s appeal among port personnel and stevedores, who are under increasing pressure to reduce environmental footprints without reducing productivity.


Realizing the application would benefit from an electrohydraulic solution, Eaton and Advanced Hose personnel went to work to promote an integrated control/ hydraulic system package. They explained how an Eaton electrohydraulic system would facilitate a two-stage, bucket-opening process that would reduce losses in windy conditions plus enable the engine to slide out quickly for maintenance and repairs. They emphasized how Eaton’s EFX controller would control the overall operation and safety of the machine.

Once the roles of all components were identified, Eaton and Advanced Hose personnel stressed the importance of a total package solution from Eaton that would allow complete project installation and seamless component supply.


Impressed with Eaton’s integrated hydraulic controls and their robust mobile equipment rating, Page Macrae commissioned prototype builds. The customer then investigated the range of options and tenders available for the grabs and selected Eaton as the exclusive supplier for the upgraded hydraulic system and the control system.

“To date, both the control and hydraulic systems have given us excellent reliability,” said Bruce Ennis, Page Macrae’s cargo handling equipment manager.

“A customer recently had one of our grabs fall 15 meters to the bottom of a ship’s hold as a result of a crane failure. The grabs continued to run until its F(x)-programmed shutdown, much to the crew’s surprise.”

“Page Macrae’s business has been a milestone win,” says Eaton’s Andrew Norris, Asia-Pacific product manager—advanced controls and F(x). “It has enabled us to apply the programming knowledge we have gained in this experience to other New Zealand OEMs with similar control requirements.”