Hybrid Power Systems

Delivering long-term value to customers and the environment.

Because hybrid systems comply with emissions regulations while reducing fuel consumption and improving drivability, they possess great appeal for both the light and medium-duty market segments.

HEVF brings future fuel cell power plants one step closer as electric motor drives, inverters and energy storage devices are designed into today's trucks.

The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance on certain components help lower life cycle costs.
  • Environmental benefits include reduced emissions, decreased dependency on fossils fuels and engine idle reduction. Eaton-powered hybrid electric diesel trucks decrease particulate emissions by 96 percent and travel 57 percent father on a gallon of fuel.
  • increased fuctionality results from auxiliary power generation (120/240 Vac) and limited range electric-only operation.
  • Quieter operation and better acceleration mean increased driver satisfaction.