Super 18

Super 18

The ultimate for performance, versatility and reliability with variable loads and speeds in applications up to 2250 lbs.ft.

This innovative, patented design features a simple mainshaft which is not splined to the auxiliary gear. This unique design eliminates the added mass, drag and inertia of the entire auxiliary section.

During upshifts, where both the lever and splitter button are moved together, the low-inertia mainshaft is quickly brought to synchronous resulting in fast, easy shifts.

addition, the Low-Inertia Super 18 offers:

  • Unbeatable versatility with 19.7 to 1 overall reduction and 14.40 low gear.
  • Economical performance with 0.73 and 0.86 overdrives for efficient cruise RPMs.
  • Smoother, faster, easier shifting due to patented low-inertia technology.
  • Exclusive output seal design improves seal life and eliminates potential for seal damage during yoke removal.
  • Faster, smoother range and splitter shifts and improved cold weather performance due to design improvements.
  • On selected models an optimized lubrication system provides increased cooling and lubrication for more difficult, harder working applications.
  • Quieter operation and increased durability with helical gears in auxiliary section.
  • Improved lubrication with standard internal oil pump and oil lines for directed lubrication.